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Sunday 5h Sept harvest

Lots of apples hidden underneath, courgettes, cucumbers, French beans and berries👍🏻

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Allotment plot,  Dec 2nd update.

Despite quite a few heavy frosts, one of our Chrysanthemums still flowers and smiles. I wish I knew the variety. I managed to wood chip two paths today, something that should of been done over the past few years but … Continue reading

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A few more things harvested and tidied up

I finally got round to making the onions and garlic look better although I found out after I should not of cut the stems so short as the onion might get Botrytis!! I’ll have to eat them faster! The spuds … Continue reading

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Onions and berry harvest

The onions were harvested and the area weeded, dug and raked then I sowed beetroot, carrot, spinach and lettuce unfortunately it will be very dry and hot this coming 2 weeks so its water as much as possible before or … Continue reading

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