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A hobbyist gardener and allotmenteer. I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and also have Osteoporosis.

First peas of the year!

Kelvedon Wonder

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Clematis looks fantastic this year.

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Tomato seeds from shop bought tomatoes

We only usually buy the small plum tomatoes from the shops, most others have little taste. All the seeds are kept and are being sown as the weather warms up.

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Potatoes chitting away…

Every Xmas most supermarkets sell potatoes at a special price, these were 14p for a kilo. We ate half of them and the rest went into yoghurt pots with some old dried compost until today, now they are in the … Continue reading

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A quick chit

If you don’t have much greenhouse space you can chit seeds in a take away box, just dampen kitchen paper then put the lid on. These long bean and courgette seeds should germinate between 3-5 days.

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Chitting beans and chard

A good way to check if the seeds are viable. These are seeds left on damp kitchen paper left in take away boxes. Five days later they have germinated. I’ll sow these into compost within the next few days.

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Teabags in flowerpots….

Something I’m doing this year is adding used teabags to compost. These ones will be used in pots of tulips I’ve just planted. Will it help? Who knows!!

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Onion sets sown today

Fairly easy, just what I like, just put your onions into pots for now and transplant into the soil in a few months. Variety: Setton

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Today I was lucky enough to get some decent carrots I sowed back in Spring 2021. There’s a small clump left so that’ll be for the end of Jan 👍🏻

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Sowing Meteor peas

It may be almost Xmas but if you have space, keep on sowing some early variety of peas like Meteor or Kelvedon Wonder.

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