Six on Sunday – 28.09.2019

It’s a bit late but I thought I’d better get some photos up before bedtime.

Blue Cap. A great flower to grow late into the season.

No idea what the apple variety is but a tree near my plot has these super sweet ones and I need to pick Lots this weekend! Potatoes are of course the wonderful tasting Pink Fir Apple.

Dahlia. Dwarf variety. They only last for a few days but the buds keep on opening.

Globe Artichoke. It died right back after flowering but here it comes again!

Black fly in September! On the runner and French beans. Never seen that before so late.

Mushrooms growing on the wood chips as they would do in a forest. Brilliant!


About Allotmentals Plot 103

A hobbyist gardener and allotmenteer. I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and also have Osteoporosis.
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