Seed potatoes and onion sets

Its been very busy since the beginning of December with work, Xmas, going out one of the weekend days and usually bad weather on the other day of the weekend so time in the garden on the plot and allotment has been limited although this is the best time for it to be limited of course!! Now we’re all looking forward and thinking what to sow etc.

Spring Onions – I recently sowed “White Lisbon” Spring onions, they will take a while to germinate and I never bother to water the Wilko compost as its already slightly damp.

Seed Potatoes – Its a bit early to chit potatoes here in the UK but I started today as I don’t really have space to hide them and its too cold in the shed so they sit on top on the fridge in egg boxes in a cold kitchen, they will be OK. Just think we might be sowing them in 8 weeks anyway on St Patrick’s Day! I will sow some earlies into 10 litre pots over the next 2 weeks and leave them in the shed for 2 months…. covering them to stop any vermin trying to get at them.

So which seed potatoes did I buy from Wilko?

Red Duke of York (1st early), Nicole (2nd early), Charlotte (2nd early), Anya (2nd early) and Picasso (Maincrop). I will surely buy more but that’s enough for now! Here are a few photos:


Spring Onions – White Lisbon – Sowed January 7th.


Seed Potatoes from Wilko


Seed potatoes ready for chitting – Jan 14th


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A hobbyist gardener and allotmenteer. I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and also have Osteoporosis.
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3 Responses to Seed potatoes and onion sets

  1. Flighty says:

    I’ll be buying my onion sets and seed potatoes in the next week or two.


  2. nicdempsey says:

    I bought the Nicola seed potatoes too, I had no intention of growing potatoes but the idea of growing a variety with my name seemed like fun! It’s so easy to get carried away in the moment when buying seeds!!

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