A few more things harvested and tidied up

I finally got round to making the onions and garlic look better although I found out after I should not of cut the stems so short as the onion might get Botrytis!! I’ll have to eat them faster!

Whats that at the front?

Whats that at the front?

The spuds from the ground havent been so great but then I revealed a 10litre pot of Anya’s which came out great. First time of trying and definate for next year!

A fantastic early spud!

A fantastic early spud!

The lettuce always seems to be attacked by slugs but this pot has a bigger lip so they’ve survived so far!


The missus picked some lavender…


And here’s some photos of the sky

Sky 2 Sky 1


About Allotmentals Plot 103

A hobbyist gardener and allotmenteer. I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and also have Osteoporosis.
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