May 2020 update

A few photos from the plot.

Broad beans are appearing.

Currants are also appearing.

Peas – Marrowfat (These are growing better than the other varieties!)

Strawberries – Doing well (a lot of people didn’t bother watering them during a dry April)

A nice sunset…

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I finally get to the plot. March 1st!!

OK it’s been wet and windy for god knows how long. I’ve sown a few seeds at home although all the seedlings over winter died as the plastic greenhouse blew over.Here are a few recent photos.The daffs are out although they look down after being battered by wind and rain.The potatoes I put in old compost in about Oct are up! If we get some heavy frosts they may not survive though!I threw the unsplit garlic from last June under a wheelbarrow, they have all sprouted. I’ll use the tops for stir fry.The plots are badly waterlogged, here is my friends path.That’s it for now. Be good and pray for some dry days!

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Over the past month I’ve been trying out my own way of microgreens, some a success and others not.

Dried Marrowfat Peas… Soak them overnight then rinse and just keep them damp, within a few days they sprout, you can then pile them into compost and cover. Here is my first trial pot. Not bad and they taste great.

Cress – put about 1cm of compost in a tray, sprinkle lots of cress seeds, flatten them in then spray the water. You can cover with something for two days, they will look yellow, then leave them in daylight. Great taste, much hotter than shop cress. More peas on the go at the front!

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Six on Sunday – 28.09.2019

It’s a bit late but I thought I’d better get some photos up before bedtime.

Blue Cap. A great flower to grow late into the season.

No idea what the apple variety is but a tree near my plot has these super sweet ones and I need to pick Lots this weekend! Potatoes are of course the wonderful tasting Pink Fir Apple.

Dahlia. Dwarf variety. They only last for a few days but the buds keep on opening.

Globe Artichoke. It died right back after flowering but here it comes again!

Black fly in September! On the runner and French beans. Never seen that before so late.

Mushrooms growing on the wood chips as they would do in a forest. Brilliant!

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February plot and garden update

I didn’t really got going until mid Feb, the alliums, broadbeans and some potatoes in pots were sown late last year, I’ve only been to the plot a few times just trying to wood chip paths and weed.

At home I’ve started to sow some seeds, mainly onions, leeks, rudbeckia, delphiniums, cosmos, radish, tomatoes, chilli’s and sunflowers, all left outside in an unheated greenhouse.

There were some leeks left in the ground as well all left over winter. These didn’t grow huge but still tasted like leeks! They were cleaned up but I didn’t take a photo!

Now we are almost into March it’ll well all be sowing mad before April.

Happy sowing 🥕🥕🥕

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It’s woodchipping time

This is the time of year to wood chip the paths or is it? There are numerous piles on the site but none of the chips are big enough for paths and all quite wet and heavy so today I managed about 15 barrows of very broken down chips and placed them on the beds with either bulbs or berries growing.

Below are two photos and that’s it for now. I wish you all a Happy New year 🎊

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Into December on the plot

It’s rained and rained here in North West London like most of the country, the soil will be wet now until at least May, the fork pulls out clods of soil while the soles of your boots end up muddy.

The shop bought garlic is up and another dozen or so were sowed last week.

The compost pile (I only have one) has been covered up, any veg now will go into large flower buckets and covered.

The shredded documents and leaves come in handy

The broad beans are up and I’ve put leaves around the bottles.

A great sunset tonight. That was it, a quick visit but it needs to be done. Possibly back next week. 👍

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Watch “#Overwinteringpotatochallenge” on YouTube

Please do take part if you have some spare compost and potatoes 👍

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Wordless Wednesday

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Autumn on the plot

Now is the best time to tidy your plot and garden if you’ve not started. Get your various alliums and broad beans in while it’s still mild, cover and protect them if possible.

Garlic. These were bought as large garlic from Morrisons for 50p each so I bought two and added them to the other garlic already sown.

Tomatoes. A few put onto compost then put inside my unheated polyhouse.

Spring Onions. Keep sowing them a few mm below the surface. These take a few weeks to appear but should be ready to transplant next Spring.

Onions. The Beast from the East killed off my outside overwintering onions in March earlier this year so this year I’m trying them in modules inside my little polyhouse.

More spring onions, a few months old.

Strawberries. Mara de Bois. These are a later variety but I doubt these ones will ripen now!

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