An early potato sowing

Every year we all seem to get rogue potato plants growing when missed clearing beds so why not sow some now? They will surely grow.

I found two Charlotte potatoes in some old compost and threw these back into a large pot with old compost. Remember it’s January 13th. I’ve not bothered to chit them either.

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Saturday sunny, Sunday snowy! 

It’s been a mixed weekend!! I grabbed two hours on the plot on Saturday, a sunny but cold day but a good two hours to put down  woodchips onto another path then woke up to 5cm of snow on Sunday!! 

Woodchipped path, mulched Gala apple tree

Pots in the garden

Nearby trees

More pots in the garden

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Allotment plot,¬† Dec 2nd update.

Despite quite a few heavy frosts, one of our Chrysanthemums still flowers and smiles. I wish I knew the variety.

I managed to wood chip two paths today, something that should of been done over the past few years but was always left. Here’s one of them. 

A spring onion I’ve left in a pot needs transplanting but it shows I should sow more now to transplant next Spring. And the pond gathers more logs and pots! 

That’s it for now.

If you use the WordPress app for uploading like I do, do you have problems with getting the cursor in the right place? 

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November plot update

Most fruit and veg are well and truly finished. I’ve some beetroot left in the ground but now it’s tidy time and adding numerous wheelbarrows of woodchips.
Lots of new piles of woodchips and some already decomposing, the good thing is the bigger chips can go on the paths, I put the fine chips on the soil. 

The shop bought garlic has started popping through.

The pond is coming along after two year’s of digging the hole. I emptied it out and raised it up a little. 

And here’s the plot view.  That’s it for now.  

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Wordless Wednesday 

#teetotal street #stives #cornwall

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Wordless Wednesdays

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It’s time to get busy

Now we’ve hit March in the UK its suddenly sow like mad (although most of us start mid Feb). Here are a few recent photos. 

Stuttgarter onions, Carrots, Mooli, Spring onions and broad beans. 

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